What We Do

Kindness Communication® works with individuals, departments, companies, and organizations to channel the energies of kindness to achieve better performance.

Our approach to kindness enables people and groups to adopt simple, effective practices that lead to higher achievement and results.

From coaching to teaching to speaking, we can bring true and lasting change to your organization. Contact us to learn more or discuss your needs.

We offer:

  • Kindness Checkups: work directly with you and your colleagues to find and implement practical steps to spark kinder interactions and generate better results
  • Kindness Coaching: email, Skype, or face-to-face interactions to help you channel your kindest self for better success
  • Kindness Classes: seminar-style sessions that galvanize participants around kind values, actions, and outcomes
  • Kindness Conferences: engaging presentations to groups that create rallying points for attendees to join the kindness movement

We also act as a broader advocate for kindness-oriented change in the world at large. We take on a broad spectrum of issues from positive psychology to organizational improvement to social and environmental justice to human and animal rights. We participate actively to champion kindness across all of these dimensions, and share news from the world of kindness with an audience of like-minded people who care deeply about building a compassionate world.