The Goal

As leaders and managers, we speak often of empathy, compassion, and respect as shining values that will shed light on the shadowy corners of employee engagement. Study after study, however, still points to dismal engagement rates in the workplace.

Kindness Communication® is based upon the idea that there is a missing piece in the world of business, a missing heart in how we talk about the way we treat each other at work.

That missing heart is kindness.

Kindness Communication wants to bring kindness back to the heart of how we speak with each other, and how we speak about work.

We want to take the idea of kindness beyond a sense of noble abstraction, because intentional kindness is the ultimate commitment to your customers, peers, and stakeholders.

Our goal is to promote kindness to achieve better results and greater focus in companies and organizations.

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  1. Good work. You have described the Christian mode of existence, pretty accurately. As you acknowledge, yourself, ‘Faith’ is not prequisite of living well and employing time-proven techniques which may help a human being so-to-do .

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