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Chris Fox (June 1, 2015)
Christopher G. Fox, PhD, Founder

The Kindness Communication® blog began in March 2015 as a space for me to share insights about the value of kindness. I see kindness as one of the most important values we can cultivate for better engaging with fellow humans, fellow creatures, and the planet we call home. I also see kindness from the perspective of its business value. Better treatment of colleagues and customers results in greater business success.

In this blog, I write about why kindness matters, how to become a kindness practitioner and advocate, and the wonderful things done by kindness practitioners in business and in the world at large. As a business person, I focus my writing on the workplace, where many of us spend the greatest part of our waking hours, but as a kindness practitioner, I touch on broader social and global issues as well.

I add two or three new posts a month.

I believe strongly that the worlds we move in can be better places if we make kindness the core of how we operate. This principle applies to our friends and family. It applies to the workplace. And it applies to the world at large as we face world-changing potentials and threats because of the impacts we can have on global societies and ecologies.

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Kindness Communication® stems from my commitment to helping people lead better informed and healthier lives. In past roles, I have worked as an educator, speaker, communicator, and strategist. I started this project as an extension of my role as Managing Partner of Syncresis, a consultancy that has been developing digital solutions for patient engagement since 2007.