A 10-point Guide For One-on-One Kindness

One-on-one kindness is one of the seven dimensions of kindness.

  1. One-on-one interactions drive business results: you and a teammate, you and a manager, you and a customer, you and a stakeholder.
  2. You can set the tone.
  3. Assuming another person’s best intentions usually gets you the best results.
  4. Conduct yourself gratefully and gracefully.
  5. Everyone has their own circumstances, and everyone has a hard day sometimes.
  6. When in doubt, pause.
  7. Frame unmet expectations in terms of shared results instead of personal disappointment.
  8. Be happy every time you see people, because you are going to get something accomplished together.
  9. When you have to, apologize and forgive, and mean it.
  10. Over time, small kindnesses build a solid foundation of trust that outlives individual interactions.