Kindness Communication has launched!

I chose the First Day of Spring 2015 to launch Kindness Communication, an idea that has long been on my mind. Kindness Communication brings together what I have learned across many roles as an employee and as a leader, as a team member, a mentor, a manager, a consultant, a decision maker, or an advisor. You can read more about the intent behind Kindness Communication in The Goal.

I can be honest and vulnerable enough to admit that this start is only the beginning of a journey. In past business ventures, I have held myself back from starting until the vision was clear, and the model was fully formed. Here, I’m more comfortable letting the venture take its own shape, and letting it develop organically from the interactions that are spawned by the simple fact of launching

In coming months, as I hear from people I have worked with in the past, and as I connect with new colleagues who are inclined to kindness, the contours will sharpen. The end result may be as simple as a rallying point for better collaboration and teamwork, or as complex as repository for thought leadership and supporting service offerings that help create a kinder workplace.

And in case you’re curious, Kindness Communication will run in parallel to Syncresis, the venture I began in 2007. Syncresis is as healthy as ever and will continue to focus on the digital marketing challenges of the healthcare industry at a time of unprecedented change. So, Kindness Communication is an extension of what we do at Syncresis, with the focus directed onto sharing how we work as much as the outcomes of our work.

More on Kindness Communication to come!