Workplace Kindness Audit

How kind is your workplace? The questions in the 3-minute Workplace Kindness Audit that follows can help focus your thinking. The questions come from the kindness work of Kindness Communication. I’m sharing them as a gift with the Kindness community to help everyone become more aware of kindness in the workplace and to learn concrete ways to increase it.

Just a few thoughts before you begin.

  • In answering the questions, react to each statement on a scale of how strongly you disagree or agree.
  • Your answers are completely anonymous. In fact, the quiz does not even request your name. Just answer openly and freely.
  • Each statement describes a trait of a kind workplace. They haven’t been designed to force you to vary between positive and negative.
  • In answering, the best approach is to go with your gut. How does it seem to you?
  • At the end of the assessment, you will see a score, and see how it compares to the average. While the score is not scientific, it will give you a sense of your workplace’s kindness profile.

Thank you!

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One Reply to “Workplace Kindness Audit”

  1. I hope this helps. There are a lot of workplaces in Los Angeles particularly in the entertainment industry where employees at exploited, women are treated without respect and are punished for their emotions and were ego gets in the way of team work. I was recently was ‘laid off’ because I asked why I didn’t receive the raise I was promised by my boss and uncovered some sexist actions by men in the company. Basically they shut me up. I was bullied by one of the men in the company for a year and my boss didn’t believe me. I hope you can help improve the workplace with this study.

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