A 10-point Guide For Self-kindness

Self-kindness, or self-compassion, is one of the seven dimensions of kindness.

  1. Self-kindness unlocks our ability to be better and do better.
  2. Being kind to ourselves should not be equated to being self-indulgent, any more than being kind to others should be equated to being weak.
  3. It is more productive to acknowledge and accept our difficulties and imperfections than to deny and fight them.
  4. We make better progress overcoming the obstacles that challenge us when we forgive ourselves for our own mistakes or for our circumstances.
  5. Letting ourselves off the hook defuses the anticipation of fear, worry, and regret that holds us back from taking action.
  6. We break the cycle of harmful, futile, judgmental thinking by dwelling mindfully in our own humanity, a humanity we share with others.
  7. By holding ourselves to realistic and humane standards, we open ourselves to greater kindness in the world around us.
  8. We can honor ourselves as people whose actions can improve individual lives and the world around us.
  9. Strength and patience that start from within have greater impact than superficial empathy.
  10. Current psychology research shows greater linkages of self-compassion to positive mental health outcomes than those from self-esteem.