Kind Businesses See Kind Results

Here’s a moving and direct example of a kind business focusing on kind results that inspire kind responses from customers, from my friends at Story2. Kindness is not merely an abstract, feel-good force in business. It creates positive impacts on customers’ lives, which feed into the financial and emotional bottom line of the businesses that focus on it.

Kind businesses inspire kind responses

Story2 teaches prospective college students to tell a story, connect with readers’ emotions and experience, and inspire lasting impressions. They work with students to apply these skills in the college admissions process. They have worked with over 15,000 students to help them get in and get money at selective colleges. Its innovative approach to storytelling and community goes well beyond the college admissions process, and anyone can access the community to hear and tell stories of their own.

I can’t think of a better example of a kind mission than one that helps young people pursue and realize their dreams and future opportunities. How many of these story tellers will go on in life to use their skills to communicate and connect in the interest of a better, kinder world?

I’ve also known Story2 CEO and Founder Carol Barash for years. I’ve seen few people in my business life who are more committed to creative positive impacts and running businesses that deliver both kindness and growth. You can find out more about Carol by following her on Twitter at @CarolBarash.